The Law Offices of Arthur L. Walker and Associates offers a full range of services. Listed below are our primary services. Please contact us if you have any questions about the services provided.


Have you recently lost your job?  Have you or your spouse experienced a medical illness and the medical bills have piled up?  Are you recently divorced?  Have you experienced an unexpected expense that you cannot afford to pay? These are just a few life events that may be the cause of your financial troubles.

Contact the Law Offices of Arthur L. Walker and Associates for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss bankruptcy and the options that are available to you. We help clients file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 voluntary bankruptcy petitions under Title 11 of the United States Code.

We want to assist you in your walk toward financial reorganization.  Contact the Law Offices of Arthur L. Walker and Associates by calling us today at 1-800-742-6524.

WALK WITH WALKER!  When you need a fresh start, we’ll walk with you.

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If you have experienced the loss of a family member or have been named Executor/Executrix of an estate, then contact the Law Offices of Arthur L. Walker and Associates.   Probate of a loved one's Last Will and Testament or the estate of a loved one who died without a will can be quite overwhelming.  Let our office assist you in navigating the complex process of probate law.

  • Probate of Wills
  • Administrations
  • No Administration Necessary
  • Year's Support
  • Temporary and Permanent Guardianship of Minors
  • Conservatorship of Minor's Property
  • Guardianships and Conservatorships of Incapacitated Adults
  • Evaluation for Involuntary Committal
  • Living Wills
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Social Security

If you filed for Social Security Disability or SSI and were denied for medical reasons our office may be able to help.

The Federal government provides Social Security and Supplemental Security Income assistance to people with disabilities. Only individuals with certain medical criteria may qualify for benefits.

Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits to you and certain family members if you are considered “insured” meaning that you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes.

Supplemental Security Income pays benefits to disabled individuals based on financial need.

If you were denied Social Security, please contact our office immediately for a free consultation. You only have 60 days from the date of your decision letter to request reconsideration and to file an appeal.  Let the expertise and legal tenacity of the attorneys of the Law Offices of Arthur L. Walker and Associates assist you in navigating the Social Security Administration.

Arthur L Walker and Associates


Did you conceive a child and you were not married to the mother of the child?  Let the Law Offices of Arthur L. Walker and Associates file a Petition for Legitimation of your child born out of wedlock.  Did you know that in the State of Georgia, the father of an illegitimate child does not have any parental rights?  Thus, you have no decision making authority regarding the education, health, and welfare of your child and your child can not inherit from your estate and vice versa. If you want to obtain parental rights to your child, contact us immediately.  We have experience in assisting fathers in Middle Georgia and the greater CSRA obtain parental rights to their child through Legitimation. 

Arthur L Walker and Associates

Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that illustrates how the testator/testatrix desires his property or estate to be managed upon his death.  A Last Will and Testament can declare the division of real and personal property, state the guardian of minor children, and provide directions regarding the burial of the drafter.  Although the consideration of one's death is not a pleasant experience, it is absolutely necessary to draft a Last Will and Testament to ensure that one's wishes are carried out.  Do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Arthur L. Walker and Associates regarding this important legal service.  Time is of the essence!

Arthur L Walker and Associates

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal instrument that gives another person authority to act on someone else's behalf for medical, legal, financial, and business matters.  There are many reasons why a person may need a power of attorney, including the following.

  • physical ailment
  • mental conditions
  • age
  • military deployment

There are different types of power of attorneys. If a power of attorney is something you are considering, please contact our office for a free consultation.

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